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A successful online presence is all about traffic. You can have the prettiest or most hi-tech site in the world, but if no one can find it when they search for a product or service, then in simple terms you are dead and buried deep down inside the search engines where NO ONE is ever going to find you.

If that’s the case, you need an experienced and professional SEO expert.

The simple truth is, that now it is all about getting page one rankings for your key phrases on the search engines, especially Google, the most used search engine in the Global market place today.

Google is smart…and getting smarter. You need to understand how it thinks and what is it looking for when it ranks websites organically to produce it’s Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP’s).

Some key facts:

• Of the UK’s 61 Million population – 48 Million (over 78%) are online

• In 2010, over 10% of all retail sales were online transactions – this is expected to grow to more than 40% by 2020

• It is envisaged that over 97% of UK companies will have a visible Internet presence by the end of 2012

Now think about these jaw dropping facts…

  • The time consumers spend on eCommerce websites rises by 17% every year
  • 80% of worldwide searches are done through Google, and this number rises to more than 90% on mobile devices

If your site is invisible, or losing sales, or just simply not working as well as you hoped, let our SEO experts fix the situation for you. We have a successful track record with clients throughout a wide range of industries and market niches. We like to think we have never let a client down, as we have always achieved page one results for their targeted key phrases.

Google Penguin/Panda Recovery

Has your site been decimated by the recent Google algorithm updates? Websites have gone out of business because their SEO guys took shortcuts, employed black hat techniques, or just plain did not know what they were doing. You only get what you pay for in this world, and the days of cheap low-quality SEO techniques that ultimately get your site de-indexed or bombed out of the rankings are long gone.

The answer is simple, if you want the best SEO results to succeed online, call the London SEO Experts today.